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Spring/Summer 2021

Alaina Nieves, VP of Fine Dining and Beverage at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, and a self-professed whiskey fan, set her sights on creating the ultimate American whiskey program at Wynn’s Tower Suite Bar with the premise of having a selection of recognizable high-end favorites and new exciting finds to educate our guests, she says. On that journey to find those rare nuggets, we came across Lone Whisker... Read the full article.

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John Schwartz & Kent Jarman are considered trailblazers in the “adventurous vintners” movement of Bourbon making. Their label, Lone Whisker, was founded long before Bourbon became a trend. John best known for his labels Amuse Bouche and Au Sommet, created in partnership with Heidi Barrett, and Kent, as head winemaker for Kenefick Ranch and for his and John’s joint label, Coup De Foudre. The Lone Whisker project was a long time in the making. Not surprisingly, it sells out before it’s bottled... Read the full article.

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Lone Whisker Is a Doggone Great New Bourbon Lone Whisker is a 93.8-proof spirit distilled and aged for 12 years in Boone County, Kentucky. The nose offers bright citrus intermingled with the alluring scents of raisins and chocolate. The palate delivers husky oak and spicy notes up front, trailed by more delicate flavors like honey, dark fruit and a touch of green apple. Overall, this is a well-balanced and smooth bourbon that finishes with some heat at a leisurely pace.

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Produced and aged in the Bluegrass State, the 12-year-old whiskey seduces the palate with flavors of dried orange peel, sweet tangelo, toffee, and dark chocolate topped off with a hint of pink peppercorn.

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Double Gold, 94 pts

Medium amber color; toasty and lush nose; silky and floral with cherry fruit and smooth texture; toasty and elegant, refined and balanced; lovely and long; rich and generous.